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Photography (& some Art); a measure in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future. Let’s make our moments eternal.

Remy’s objective is to make photos others can’t —basta.

Inspired by New York photographer Wyatt Neumann, Remy’s life behind the camera actually started in 2014 but partime, the after six photographer has born. He started with Nikon, moved to Canon digital camera’s and lenses. But it was not good enough, wanted better and to do more with the technology of today offers us he decided to change again in 2017.

This time to the sublime Sigma sd Quattro with the amzing foveon sensor (all his friend semi- professional photographers said he was nutz). Remy quote: “this technology is awesome” — by today’s day he remains using this technology and its Art prime- lenses as no filter nor sensor can beat the color it produces by default. Now 2018 hits in, and he wanted to do more, so the most recent move is to Sony A7 series and Zeiss lenses.

Today Remy is still a “after six photographer”, he has an successful career in the Space industry, working for an Space Agency based in Europe and operates world wide. his time to photograph is to unique moments, were he is not shy to share his passion of photography. On social media you can follow him and get inspired and ask questions which he answers regularly. However he alsways seeks compositions others do not.

Remy is registered photographer and artist on Pictoright mainly to those who want to (re-)use his photos for magazines, books, advertisements etc. For commercial and editorial photography is on request. Sent a email to find out more.

Remy is active on social media to share his moodboard(s) can be found here: Photography ;

and MODELS can be found on remyvanhaarlem(TM)